Here’s what some prominent electronic cigarette reviewers are saying about Jet:
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Grimm Green:
“The performance I’m getting from these little batteries is somewhat amazing” “It’s very satisfying” “Really good flavors” “Highly decent product by a good company”

Spinfuel 1:
“These guys have a series of the best ecig cartos on the market” “Jet Cigs has done the impossible; these are the best collection of flavors for a prefilled cartomizer that I’ve ever had” “I am profoundly impressed”

Spinfuel 2:
“Classic Tobacco delivers a great analog-type tobacco flavor that will certainly please anyone coming from traditional cigarettes” “One of the best features of all of Jet Cigs flavored carts is the amount of vapor they produce”

Spinfuel 3:
“[Apple Medley] is a brilliant, crisp, clean, apple flavor” “If you’re looking for a genuine mojito flavor in a vapor there is nothing better than [Mojito Mint]” “as unique to the eLiquid marketplace as anything you’ll ever taste” “you will love them”

Spinfuel 4:
“Once again Jet Cigs has come up with some awesome recipes that are sure to keep them at the top of the prefilled cartomizer category” “This is one of the best, if not the best, vanilla cartomizer I’ve ever vaped. So silky, yet richly satisfying” “Cherry Noir from Jet Cigs puts the Blu Cigs Cherry to shame”

Ecig Advanced:
“The e-liquid’s great… it does have a great flavor to it.” “I think [Mojito Mint] would be a really good e-liquid for the summer. It’s definitely refreshing.” “[Apple Medley] is probably the closest thing I’ve tried to a hookah e-liquid.”

“The volume of vapor produced by the Jet Cigs e-cigarette was more than impressive for a unit of its size.” “[Perique Tobacco] is perfect for cigarette smokers” “Passionfruit e-liquids are still rare in the e-cigarette industry, and Jet Cigs has done theirs particularly well” “Apparently, it is still possible to offer smokers more for less!”

Bill Prater:
“A very nicely designed kit” “Big time vapor production” “The Jet Express Starter Kit is a great product for the first time ecig user or those looking to switch from analogs”