Is your company affiliated with any traditional cigarette company?

We have absolutely no affiliation whatsoever with any traditional cigarette company, domestic or foreign. We will never sell, and have never sold, traditional cigarettes.

Are you affiliated with any other electronic cigarette company?

We sell 510 batteries and cartomizers but have no affiliation with any other 510 battery brands, including blu, Volcano, and any others using that standard

Is Jet better for me than traditional cigarettes?

Jet cartomizers are for use with electronic cigarette batteries, and together comprise an electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to traditional tobacco products, and do not produce the smoke, tar, ash, or smell associated with traditional tobacco products. Jet is intended to provide users with nicotine and flavoring to help satisfy their smoking needs. As required by law, we do not make any health claims whatsoever regarding our product; customers are encouraged to do their own research and decide what is best for them.

Does Jet produce smoke?

No, Jet is designed to produce a vapor which looks like smoke, but disappears in seconds. Smoke and vapor may seem similar, but there’s actually a huge difference between the two. Smoke is the result of a chemical change while vapor is the result of a physical change. Burning wood in a fireplace is an example of smoke, since the wood is undergoing a chemical reaction, while boiling water is an example of vapor, since the gas emitted is still water (but in its gaseous state). Electronic cigarettes do not produce just water vapor; they also contain glycerin, propylene glycol, natural and artificial flavors, and nicotine (optional). This is why the vapor emitted from electronic cigarettes is visible and has flavor, whereas pure water vapor is invisible and is tasteless.

Can I use Jet to stop smoking?

Jet should not be used as a quit smoking device because it has not been approved by the FDA as a cessation device.

Should non-smokers use Jet?

If you have never used a tobacco product, or any other nicotine-containing product; we strongly urge you to not use our product, not even our 0mg cartomizers.

What are the ingredients in your cartomizer?

Our cartomizers contain USP vegetable glycerin, USP propylene glycol, distilled water, natural and artificial flavors, and nicotine (optional). All of our products are diacetyl-free and our e-liquid contains no artificial colors.

I have an allergy to nuts. Can I still use Jet?

We recommend that if you have an allergy to nuts, that you NOT use Jet. It is possible that some of our flavors may have nut-based ingredients, or be produced in a facility that processes nuts.

What cartomizer do you use?

Our cartomizers have an 8.5mm diameter and are 510-threaded. Our cartomizers look great attached to our own battery as well as Blu, Volcano, and other similar “super mini” or “micro” 8.5mm diameter batteries with a 510-thread.

How do I know when a cartomizer is done and needs replacing?

A rough rule of thumb is that our cartomizer should last you between 1 and 2 full charges of our batteries. Discontinue use of the cartomizer if vapor production is no longer adequate or you experience an unpleasant taste.

Do you plan on making any other cartomizer size?

We have no plans to make any other cartomizer sizes at this time.

What is the resistance of your cartomizer?

Our cartomizers have a resistance of 2.8 ohms and are designed to be used with batteries using anywhere between 3.3 to 4.2 volts. The overwhelming majority of electronic cigarette batteries are within this range, but please check with the company from whom you purchased your battery if you are not sure.

Where is your liquid made?

Our liquid is made 100% in the U.S.A. in an FDA-registered facility in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Who makes your liquid?

The head of our liquid development and manufacturing holds a B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and has worked in chemical engineering for mass market consumer products companies as well as industrial products companies. We use best practices to ensure safety and product quality.

How much liquid is in your cartomizer?

Our cartomizers contain 1mL of liquid.

How much nicotine is in your cartomizers?

Our cartomizers are available with a nicotine content of either 22mg (Regular), 11mg (Light) or 0mg (None). We test our bulk supply of nicotine-containing liquid to ensure the proper concentration of nicotine. This is in addition to quality control procedures of our supplier.

Do your 0mg cartomizers contain absolutely no nicotine?

Every effort is made to ensure 0mg cartomizers contain absolutely no nicotine. Please note, however, that our raw materials suppliers’ facility, our facility, and the facility in China, all make nicotine-containing products and we cannot 100% guarantee that cross-contamination will never happen.

What should I do with my Jet disposables when they stop producing vapor?

Jet disposables contain recyclable battery components, and should be brought or sent to a battery recycling center when they are depleted. Many large stores participate in battery recycling programs, including some Lowes, Target, Sears, and Radio Shack locations. Please visit earth911.com for additional information on battery recycling.

Where is your company located?

Our liquid manufacturing and order fulfillment facility is located in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our marketing team is based out of South Florida. We also have personnel in China who handle our cartomizer sourcing.

Who can purchase Jet?

Jet can only be purchased and used by individuals over the age of 18. It should not be used by children, pregnant or breast feeding women, people with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or people taking medicines for asthma or depression. Consult your physician before using any electronic cigarette product. CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65: Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

What countries do you ship to?

We only ship to the United States at this time.

How do I get free shipping?

Free USPS Priority shipping is available on orders over $50.

What shipping provider can I use?

We offer shipping via United States Postal Service and FedEx.

How do I know my order has been shipped?

Once your order has been packed and is ready to ship, you will receive a notification via email which will include your order tracking number. We try to process all orders so they are sent out on the same day if possible; however please wait three business days before contacting us if you think your order has not shipped. Please check your junk mail to make sure the shipping confirmation isn’t there by mistake.

What is your return and refund policy?

Our starter kits are covered under a 1 year limited warranty. For details, please see the last page of the instruction manual available for download on our “How It Works” page. Due to safety concerns arising from the ingestible nature of cartomizers, we cannot accept returns, and all cartomizer sales are final. Nevertheless, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and if you are not completely satisfied, we will do our best to make it so that you are.